How to Take Care of My Seamless Lingerie

Lingerie plays a vital role in deciding our choice of outfit. As you can see, your intimate wear is a major decision maker; no doubt it needs much more support from you too. It should be treated and looked after well.

How to Give Your Bra A Perfect Wash and Care?

  1. Wash your bras in cold water as hot water breaks down the elastic and shortens the bra's lifespan.
  2. Always hand-wash your bras if possible! Follow this rule always. If hand washing is impossible, use only the gentlest of settings when machine washing. Keep them hooked to avoid snagging. Using lingerie bags after drying for shape maintenance is recommended.
  3. Use only a mild soap or detergent that is safest for these delicate pieces. Wash the removable bra paddings separately. Never use bleach, as it can damage the fabric of the bra.
  4. Never twist or squeeze your bras. This destroys the shape of the cups and the elastic.
  5. When drying your bras, hang them to air dry. After squeezing the excess water, gently place them in a towel and fold half of the towel over. Lay and gently press them to prevent elastic stretching.
  6. Never iron your bras or put them in a dryer because the heat breaks down the spandex and elastic.


How to Give Your Panties A Good Wash and Care?

When washing your panties, give them a little extra attention to maintain their longevity. Here are some simple instructions as to how your panties should be washed to keep them in shape.

  1. Always separate light-colored panties from dark ones. Wash them in different loads to prevent color stains.
  2. Panties should be washed in water that is room temperature to cold. Hot water ruins elasticity.
  3. Wash them by hand if possible. If hand washing is not an option, place them in a lingerie bag before using a machine washer.
  4. If using machine wash, turn your panties inside out.
  5. Always use a mild soap or detergent best suited for delicate clothing. Be mindful on how much soap you are using. Too much residue can deposit on your panties causing skin irritation.

Never twist your panties to rinse as this stretches the fabric. Lay them flat on a towel to air dry  or tumble dry without heat to maintain their elasticity.


Follow these simple steps to take care of your lingerie properly. If you have any doubts about how to wash your undergarments, look at the wash care tag stitched inside for instructions. 

Taking good care of your lingerie extends its lifespan. It also ensures it will maintain its perfect fit every time you slip it on. So, treat your lingerie kindly and with love, and it will do the same for you!