Introducing our 100% Biodegradable Packaging

Did you know the ‘plastic’ bag used to wrap your lingerie is made from corn? It is sustainable, renewable and easy to produce. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins that are commonly found in conventional plastics.

This type of packaging is made from a bioplastic named PLA, which is made from the starches and sugars of corn and is completely biobased. In comparison to traditional plastics, corn starch packaging doesn’t contain harmful toxins such as polyvinyl chloride or dioxin. It’s beneficial to the environment and to you.

seamless lingerie eco friendly packaging

The production of the packaging is also very sustainable because there is a 75% reduction in CO2 emission compared to regular oil plastic production. PLA is certified compostable according to EN-13432 meaning that it will decompose into water and carbon dioxide in less than 90 days in a controlled composting environment. While conventional plastics take at least 500 years to break down. 

As a matter of fact, corn starch packaging can be edible! Although, that’s not its recommended use, if your children or pets accidentally ingest corn starch packing peanuts for example, it’s completely safe.

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