3 Reasons to Switch to Wireless Bras for Improved Health and Wellbeing

Most of us have grown up believing stories about what we need to wear or how we need to look in order to be loved and accepted -- unfortunately often to the detriment of our mental and physical wellbeing. 

From corsets intended to reshape the natural body, to push-up bras made to boost cleavage, these unhealthy and damaging “trends” often result in our bodies looking and feeling incredibly unnatural and extremely uncomfortable. 

At Seamless Lingerie, we don’t believe that you need to suffer in your lingerie; in fact our goal is to turn wearing a bra into a blissful experience. 

And beyond simply being comfortable, it turns out that wearing wireless bras may actually have incredible benefits for your breast health as well. 


01 Wireless bras may help with draining toxins from the body 

Would you believe that wearing wireless bras may be correlated with a lessened risk of breast cancer? 

While this topic is slightly controversial, holistic health practitioners like Dr. Joseph Mercola and Cheri-lynn Burk suggest that continuing to wear restrictive, wired bras can prevent the proper drainage of lymph fluid from our lymph nodes along the breast bone and by the armpits. 

Without this flow of lymph fluid, our bodies may be unable to rid themselves of toxins, which may contribute to a higher risk of cancer. 

Because wireless bras don’t have that metal lining, they may allow for better body detoxing, proper fluid drainage, and improved blood flow. 

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause are also times of hormonal change when breasts fluctuate in size, and a flexible fabric is even more important for the freedom and movement of breast tissue. 

Plus, wireless bras can help the breasts relax, and less stress on the body is almost always a good thing. 

If you’re liking the sounds of less restriction, consider trying out our Everyday Versatile Seamless Bralette! It’s designed to support you throughout your day from being underneath your workwear, to a crop top as part of your loungewear to your evening yoga practice. 

seamless versatile bralette

02 Less restriction allows for less pain and discomfort 

We’ve likely all felt a sense of relief at the end of the day after taking off some tight clothes or a restrictive bra. 

There’s an energetic and emotional shift when we take off those uncomfortable garments and instead sink into our track pants and a large t-shirt or our pajamas. Our nervous system begins to calm down. We can relax, breathe deeply, and move freely. 

So why do we get up the next day and put on those uncomfortable clothes again!? 

You deserve to feel comfortable in your clothing. You don’t need to move through each day with the pain and discomfort of a wire bra poking you or leaving marks on your skin because it’s digging into you. 

Beyond that, there are potential extended physical health effects of tight and restrictive bras like skin irritation, shoulder and neck tension, and headaches, as well as possible negative impacts to your mood, productivity, and overall energy levels. 

Instead, look for bra options that are flexible, and envelope your body lovingly, allowing you to move freely while still enjoying the benefits of breast support. 

We’d suggest our Second Skin Wide Support Bra, especially if you have bigger breasts and are wondering if wireless bras will really work for you. This bra features wider straps as well as a wider band allowing for support with stretch. Plus, the bra is made of a special microfiber material that mimics the feeling of human skin and accentuates the true shape of your body.

Seamless wide strap wireless bra

03 Greater energy flow 

Humans are made of energy, and this energy is continuously flowing through our bodies. 

However, because of the often stressful environments we live in, this energy can become stuck or stagnant which can impact our physical and mental health. 

This is why practices like reiki healing and EFT (tapping) are so popular! They focus on moving this energy around by focusing on certain energy centers and channels in our body.

When we look at this in terms of breast health then, it makes sense that a restrictive, wired bra may impede the flow of this energy across our torso.

Instead, consider opting for our Second Skin Everyday Seamless T-shirt Bra which feels like a layer of skin, but with support! 

Seamless wireless T-shirt bra

Other ways to support breast health 

In addition to switching to wireless bras (or at least incorporating a few into your rotation), there are a number of other ways you can support your breast health. 
  • Ensure you’re keeping up with your annual physicals
  • Consider giving yourself a breast self-exam each month in between your appointments to track any changes
  • Focus on proper nutrition, getting enough rest, and finding ways to calm your mind like meditation or journaling in order to reduce overall stress and anxiety levels in your body 
  • Consider the other personal care products you’re using and opt for more natural products and ingredients 
  • Stay up-to-date on research and suggestions for breast cancer prevention from organizations like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation
Seamless wireless plunge bra

How to choose your next bra 

When it comes to choosing your lingerie, comfort should likely always be a top priority. Opt for flexible, breathable material so you can move your body without restriction! Other considerations include: 
  • The band should fit comfortably and snuggly but not be restricting. If it’s leaving red marks it’s too tight but if it’s sliding around, you likely need a tighter band. 
  • Your breasts should be comforted and fully encased by the cups, but not bulging out of the sides or top.
  • The straps should fit comfortably on your shoulders; not so tight that they’re leaving marks but not so loose that they’re falling down. 

Seamless Lingerie was born from the belief that every woman should be comfortable in their lingerie; because while modern life can be hectic and complex, modern undergarments should be the opposite: sleek. Simple. Easy. 

So, stop settling for discomfort and look for bras that actually help you to look and feel incredible in your skin.

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