About us

Seamless Lingerie was born from the belief that every woman should own affordable, high-quality lingerie that fits into her modern lifestyle. And while modern life can be hectic and complex, modern undergarments should be the opposite: Sleek. Simple. Easy. 

Wireless construction and second skin fabric turns wearing the everyday bra into a blissful experience. For both small and larger-breasted women, searching endlessly for the right fit becomes a thing of the past with effortlessly smooth contours and figure-flattering silhouettes. 

Minimal, stylish aesthetics let you look as good as you feel, with colors that suit every wardrobe staple and styles that disappear beneath your favorite tops and dresses. The best part of all? We cut out the middleman in order to offer the highest possible quality at a budget-friendly price. 

This is one comfort zone you’ll want to stay in.


women love seamless lingerie for it's wireless comfort


donated to women and folx experiencing homelessness, impoverishment, or distress


Designed for you

Agile Acceleration

We make everyday, everywhere bras, so our customer spends less time thinking about what to wear and more time enjoying life. Everyday means work week to special occasions, travel, and beyond. Everywhere means yoga class, date night, or Sunday morning on the couch. A sleek functional design adapts to her entire routine.

Stylish Comfort
Modern women are constantly pushing to extend beyond the comfort zone, but choosing underwear is one instance where comfort should be the priority. But beyond comfort, women want to look good and feel confident. That’s why Seamless bras are designed to look as sexy and streamlined as they are comfy to wear.

Go Further

Too much choice is proven to reduce joy and increase confusion. Our products simplify the customer’s decision making each morning as she selects her go-to base layer. We offer a limited capsule of silhouettes and colors based on her wardrobe needs. No fluff or excess—just versatile styles you can wear everyday, everywhere.

Every woman should be able to afford high-quality, stylish bras and underwear that make a difference in her day, from how she looks to how she feels. A woman’s most-worn garments shouldn’t be an exclusive luxury. That’s why our price point is lower than most of our competitors, while our quality is never compromised.

Go Further

Socially Responsible
We’re a woman-owned business with a vision larger than ourselves. We do annual donations (in both cash and bras) to organizations that empower women around the world. Our production team is paid a fair wage to work in clean, spacious environments.

The fashion industry is one of the most detrimental to the planet, so we’re focused on making the smallest footprint possible. We use eco-friendly fabric dyes, as well as biodegradable and recyclable packaging. We produce collections in small batches to minimize waste.