5 reasons you need to prioritize building your capsule wardrobe (plus 6 tips for creating yours)

Seamless Lingerie was born out of a few beliefs:

  1. That every woman should own affordable, high quality lingerie
  2. That lingerie should be comfortable
  3. That because life can be hectic, modern lingerie should be the opposite – sleek, simple, and easy, and 
  4. That the fashion industry can do a lot better when it comes to sustainability 
Our wide strap bra in light purple is shown on Chelsea, a model who is looking over her shoulder near a window with curtains.

We hope you agree that our sets truly embody these values! They’re affordable, comfortable, versatile, and simple. And all of the reviews we’ve received help us know that you value these things too. 

Neutral colors, clean lines, and classic shapes create our core collection, and we’re proud of the fact that we’ve remained true to our values over these past few years of business growth. 

Plus, we’ve continued to produce our sets in small batches to reduce our environmental impact, and are always implementing new initiatives to support Mother Nature. 

Our biodegradable packaging, carbon neutral shipping, and bra recycling program are all great examples of this!

All of these beliefs tie seamlessly (pun intended) into something else we’re incredibly passionate about: building a capsule wardrobe. 

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Essentially, a capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothes that can be put together in a number of different ways and configurations. 

The pieces are thoughtfully curated, and are meant to complement each other so that they’re interchangeable with each other. 

The intention is to create a long-lasting wardrobe; a wardrobe that doesn’t go out of style because the pieces are essentially timeless. 

This kind of wardrobe is also meant to maximize the number of outfit choices you have, so that you don’t constantly have to go out and buy new items, or spend a ton of time wondering what to wear each day. 

Sound like a fun, exciting idea? We agree! 

When talking about building your capsule wardrobe though, you can’t forget to also build out your lingerie collection.

That’s what we’re here for. 

A light pink and a light green bra are laid out on a bed, along with the matching underwear.

Here are 5 reasons to start building your capsule wardrobe (including your lingerie)

A capsule wardrobe will save you time. 

How much time do you spend picking out what to wear? What about time spent online or in-store shopping?

We know you have big dreams and goals for your life, which means you likely have better things to be spending your time on! 

When you build a capsule wardrobe you love, picking out your outfit every day will be a super simple process that you enjoy.

You’ll know everything fits, looks good, and is versatile – meaning there’s basically no wrong choice! 

(We love our matching sets for that reason.)

You can mix and match.

The intention behind a capsule wardrobe is that almost every piece of clothing goes with everything else. That way it’s easy to pick up one piece of clothing and pair it with something else in a new way you haven’t tried before! 

A plain tank top works just as well with a pair of shorts as it does layered under a jacket with jeans. 

You can mix and match based on the weather, how you’re feeling, or the event you’re attending, and your look will remain consistent, but not repetitive! 

P.s. our sets also look incredible when mixed and matched! We love seeing the combinations you come up with.

Two models lay on their sides facing opposite directions on a bed, wearing our T-Shirt Bra and Seamless Boyshorts in Basil and Light Pink.

A capsule wardrobe will help you save money. 

There’s no need to hop on trends that will be over in a couple months. Basics remain in style forever. 

When you’re tempted to buy something new based on a current trend, be honest about if you can see yourself wearing the item 3 months down the line. How about 1 year from now? 5 years? 

If not, it’s likely not worth spending your money on it. 

Plus, when you have a capsule wardrobe established, you won’t constantly feel the pressure to buy new things that you see online or on social media, because you’ll be confident that you have the staples you need. 

While it might cost more money upfront (especially if you want to invest in higher quality items like we discuss below), you’ll save money long-term with a capsule wardrobe that remains relatively constant as you age. 

Capsule wardrobes are eco-friendly.

Fast fashion is detrimental to planet earth. It’s one of the reasons we have so many initiatives in place to reduce our environmental impact!

By building a wardrobe you love, that has longevity, you’re helping save clothes from landfills.

By the way! While donating clothes is better than throwing them out, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be purchased by someone else. In fact, they still might end up in a landfill later on. The most eco-friendly option is the purchase you don’t make. 

Here’s a reminder of our eco-friendly initiatives if you want to learn more: 

They’re fun + satisfying. 

Capsule wardrobes don’t have to be boring! Define what it means for YOU. 

Capsule wardrobes aren’t only about investing in neutrals, they’re about investing in staples that you love and that will last you a long time. 

So, have fun with it! 

Take some time to play around on Pinterest and explore your closet. What speaks to you? What are your favorite pieces? How can you combine them in new ways? What words describe your style? 

Allow yourself time to determine what a capsule wardrobe means and looks like to you. 

Tips for building your capsule wardrobe 

Go slowly. 

If you try to build your entire wardrobe out all at once it’s going to be expensive and overwhelming. 

Plus, getting rid of all the clothes you already have just to buy new ones isn’t sustainable either! 

Start making a list of what you think you might need to complete your capsule closet, based on what you already have. 

Over time you can add and edit as needed. 

Thrift items whenever possible to make the process even more sustainable. 

If you are getting rid of some items of your current clothing, ensure you donate them. 

Our bra recycling partnership with The Bra Recyclers is a great program for sustainably getting rid of your lingerie. Plus, when you donate a bra – even if it’s not ours – you’ll get a discount code to shop our site!

When adding to your closet, see if you can find them vintage or second-hand to reduce your impact on the planet. 

(We know you might not want to purchase your lingerie second-hand, which is why we’ve tried to make ours as affordable as possible). 

Create your own rules based on what you love to wear.

Often, when we see capsule wardrobes being promoted online they tend to be the same neutral  look, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it (if that is how you want to do it, that’s okay too)!

Capsule wardrobes can also include fun colors and patterns if that’s what you’re into. 

Avoid comparing your version of a capsule wardrobe to someone else's'. Everyone’s sense of style is unique, and in order to build a truly timeless wardrobe for yourself you need to be honest about what you love to wear. 

Otherwise, chances are that you’ll get sick of wearing the clothes in your closet. 

Go through your current clothes and check-in: what pieces do you love? Why do you love them? How do they make you feel? What words would you use to describe these pieces? Use these questions and answers to begin discovering more about your sense of style, and how to build a capsule wardrobe that suits you. 

Our bralette set in Seals Blue and Golden Turmeric on 2 models, Morgan and Adrienne, leaning against the wall.

Avoid trends. 

By their very nature, trends are short-term, which means they’re counter to everything that a capsule wardrobe stands for. 

Of course, if you absolutely love a trend and can see yourself wearing it for the foreseeable future, then go for it! But otherwise, it’s likely best to steer clear of them.

All of our sets are meant to be timeless staples that you’ll never get tired of. 

Invest in quality pieces. 

If you want your pieces to last, invest in good quality items! While we are focused on both affordability and quality, unfortunately not all fashion companies are. 

It’s often a better investment to pay a little more upfront for a piece that is going to last you longer, than shopping at fast-fashion stores where the pieces are going to rip, fade, or change shape after a few wears. 

Treat your pieces well. 

In order to help your clothing last, make sure you pay attention to the laundry instructions that come with your clothes! 

We have instructions on how to care for your Seamless Lingerie undies and bras here

Our Golden Turmeric bralette set on model Chelsea, laying on a bed.

Enjoy the process

Of course, your style may change over time, and that’s okay. Fashion can be a beautiful reflection of who you are and what you love, and so you want to feel confident in what you’re wearing!

By keeping the idea of a capsule wardrobe in mind though, you’ll likely be able to get away with switching out fewer items as time goes on, which will be easier on you, the planet, and your wallet. 

Enjoy the process and celebrate yourself for going about this journey. 
If you need some new comfortable lingerie pieces, you can shop ours here.

Or, click here if you want more details on our bra recycling program. 

How will you spend your extra time once you’ve built out an easy-to-style wardrobe? We recommend some cozy self-care.  

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