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It can sometimes be tricky to buy for the loved ones in your life, especially if they don’t give you a clear list of the things they’re excited about this season. 

We’ve been there -- you want to show your gratitude and appreciation for the women who have made an impact in your life or supported you in some way, but you aren’t even sure where to start! 

That’s why we created our very own Seamless Lingerie gift guide. 

It revolves around the pillars of our brand: comfort, versatility, sustainability, convenience, and self-love, so we know you’ll have no trouble finding something perfect for all of the incredible women in your life. 

And hey -- you’re worthy too! So as you’re browsing be sure to keep yourself in mind. This is the season of giving, and you deserve to give some love to yourself.


01 For those who like to show some skin

seamless lingerie plunge bra gift for women

We all have those friends who like to show some skin. They’re always opting for low-cut shirts and other sexy clothing and they look incredibly good when they do!  

They’re confident and beautiful, and so they deserve a bra that features those same characteristics. 

Meet the Second Skin Lift Seamless Plunge Bra

Our plunge bra is one of our best-sellers, and for good reason! It’s wireless, has removable padding, and features a beautiful V neckline with fully adjustable straps. 

The design adds additional cleavage, and our signature microfiber material mimics the feeling of skin so that there’s no need to sacrifice comfort. 


02 For the one who always aims for comfort (and for those who love the no-bra life)

seamless lingerie wide strap bra gift for women

We know not everyone is a fan of the feeling of bras, but we’re actively changing that! 

One of the main values of our company is comfort so you pretty much can’t go wrong with any purchase you make on our site for these friends and family. 

However, our top recommendation for the comfort-lover in your life is our Second Skin Wide Strap Seamless Bra. We’ve literally named it, “the bra that feels like no bra.”

With our signature microfiber fabric that feels like skin, modest coverage, ultra-soft seamless straps (that are also adjustable), and a wire-free design with lift support, this bra offers incredible comfort and versatile support. 

It’s perfect to accompany all of your loved-ones favorite activities -- including binge-watching Netflix with popcorn and wine in hand, sleeping, or lounging with a warm cup of coffee and a book (are we close?!).  


03 For the pop-of-color-lover in your life

seamless lingerie bralette gift for women

You’ve got to love these people in your life. Always wearing fun colors and patterns, pulling off combinations of outfits you’d never put together yourself, and lighting up the room with their fun and bubbly personality. 

These are the people you love to be around, so show them how much you appreciate their personality by purchasing them intimates that accompany their “loud” clothing choices. 

We’d recommend grabbing them both our Everyday Versatile Seamless Bralette and the matching Ultra Soft Hipster Underwear

This set is not only incredibly comfortable, but comes in a large range of colors including rusty caramel, elegant black, evergreen, pure white, dusty pink, and warm khaki. 

(P.s. we may have even more fun colors coming later in December -- stay tuned!)

Our versatile collection is designed to maximize comfort and day-to-day use, meaning it’s perfect to wear all day from a morning yoga session to meeting a friend at a fave coffee shop, to underneath your work blazer, to lounging on the couch curled up with a blanket and take-out. 

It’s invisible under clothing, and features ultra-soft, seamless material. The bra has modest coverage, adjustable straps and removable padding, and the hipster underwear are super supportive and low rise. 

Both items are made for movement so this set is a must have! 


04 For the yogi

seamless lingerie racerback bra gift for women

New this season, we recently introduced our Second Skin Racerback Seamless Neck Bra after receiving a number of requests from our customers! 

While this bra is incredibly versatile, we’re suggesting it for the yogi in your life because of the support it gives breasts, while still allowing for movement. 

The wire-free design provides maximum comfort, and the bra comes with removable padding, is super breathable, and features our signature microfiber material which makes it feel like you have nothing on. 

Plus of course the racerback design and cute keyhole in the back means it works perfectly under almost any top! 


05 For the anticipating mama

seamless lingerie nursing maternity bra gift for women

New mamas already have so much on their plate they don’t need to be worrying about their lingerie. 

That’s exactly why we created our Second Skin Maternity Nursing Bra, so you can rest easy knowing we’ve done all the research and testing to ensure this bra is the perfect fit for these incredible women in your life. 

Supportive, sexy, and comfy, this nursing bra is perfect for both pregnancy and nursing. Designed to fit the ever-changing breasts during that special time, it's wire-free without comprising support. 

With drop-down cups secured with a clip, it makes access for nursing on-the-go quick and easy, and with its adjustable straps, seamless design and microfiber composition, your loved one may never want to go back to their old bras! 


06 For almost everyone else

seamless lingerie t-shirt everyday bra and boyshorts gift for women

Even if the people you’re shopping for don’t fit into one of these categories, we’ve got you covered. We have two more suggestions for you to make your holiday shopping a breeze! 

Our Second Skin Everyday Seamless T-Shirt Bra and our Second Skin Seamless Boyshorts are the perfect “every person” set. 

Both feature our 4-way stretch microfiber material that mimics the feeling of skin, meaning they’re incredibly soft and breathable, defining your shape while still offering support. 

The bra offers adjustable straps, modest coverage, and a wire-free design with lift support, and the boyshorts are a cute mid-rise design, elastic-free and guaranteed not to dig into skin. 

Plus, they come in a number of fun and neutral colors! 


Still not sure?

seamless lingerie gift card for women

Grab one of our e-gift cards! Gift cards have a bad reputation but we’re here to put that idea to rest. 

Gift cards allow for opportunity and choice, and we’re all for that flexibility. You get to choose the amount you want to spend, the card can be redeemed for any item at any time, and because we offer e-gift cards there’s no delivery time! Meaning this option is especially helpful if you’ve waited just a little too long to order your holiday gifts. 


You can feel good about gifting from Seamless Lingerie 

We know you want to feel good about the gifts you’re giving. And not just the gift itself, but in knowing you’re supporting a brand that deserves it. 

Here are a few reasons you can feel good about gifting from Seamless Lingerie: 

Our Values 

seamless lingerie plunge bra gift for women

Seamless Lingerie was born from the belief that every woman (both small and large-breasted) should own affordable, high-quality lingerie that is still beyond comfortable, form fitting (without being tight or restrictive), minimal and stylish. 

Our wireless construction and second skin fabric turn wearing the everyday bra into a blissful experience. Our belief is that style and comfort can coexist -- especially when it comes to lingerie.


Our Give-Back 

seamless lingerie support national breast cancer foundation

We’re a woman-owned business with a vision larger than ourselves. 

We do annual donations (in both cash and bras) to organizations that empower women around the world. So far we’ve donated over $17,000 to women and folx experiencing homelessness, impoverishment, or distress. 

We’re also continuing to donate 1% of all sales to organizations helping women through breast cancer early detection, education, and medical research. Currently those donations are going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation! 

Over the last decade, NBCF has provided over 192,000 mammograms, over 858,000 patient navigation services, and over 240,000 breast health education services to women in need, and we’re proud to continue supporting their mission. 

And p.s., our production team is paid a fair wage to work in clean, spacious environments. 


Our Sustainability Efforts 

Seamless Lingerie carbon offset shipping

The fashion industry is one of the most detrimental to the planet, so we’re focused on making the smallest footprint possible. 

We use eco-friendly fabric dyes, as well as biodegradable and recyclable packaging (you’ll never know it’s made of corn!), and produce collections in small batches to minimize waste.

Plus, our carbon offsetting initiative means that for every bra and underwear shipped, we completely balance it with a positive environmental impact by funding the Amazon Rainforest Protection project in Brazil. This initiative comes at no additional cost to you! 

It simply comes with the satisfaction of knowing that shopping at Seamless Lingerie means making a positive impact on the planet.


One last note 

Please know that when you purchase from Seamless Lingerie, you’re supporting a growing woman-owned business that is so excited to deliver you comfort and style. 

And whether you decide to purchase from us or not, we are wishing you a super comfortable, beautiful, and love-filled holiday season. 

Happy Holidays!

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