How often should you replace your underwear?

We recently posted about the importance of swapping out your bras regularly for optimal support, comfort, and hygiene, so what about your underwear? 

Similarly to your bras, if you’ve had your underwear for more than 6-12 months, most experts recommend you consider replacing them. 

Between them losing their fit, the fabric breaking down, and changes in your body and lifestyle, this is a good period of time to regularly clean out your lingerie drawer, reassess your needs and desires, and go shopping. 

Let’s review the reasons to replace your underwear a little deeper. 


How do I know it’s time to replace my underwear?

They’ve lost their fit. If your underwear no longer fits snuggly and you find yourself constantly having to pull them up or adjust them, it’s time for a replacement. Likely the undies have lost their elasticity which means they’re challenging to save. 

The fabric is breaking down. If the fabric is tearing or beginning to fall apart, it’s a sign your undies need to be replaced. 

Your body has changed. We aren’t meant to stay the same shape and size forever! Whatever changes your body has experienced, regardless of the reason, you should have underwear that fits comfortably. And when your body has changed, chances are your underwear needs to change as well.  

Your style, priorities, or values have changed. What’s important to you? At Seamless Lingerie we prioritize comfort, versatility, sustainability and affordability, among other values, all of which are reflected in the pieces we produce. In a similar way, the lingerie you purchase should represent who you are and what makes you feel most confident. 

They aren’t comfortable. Why are you settling for underwear that isn’t comfortable?! You deserve so much better. It IS possible to have underwear that’s incredibly comfy, doesn’t show under your clothes, and that you actually enjoy wearing (just read some of our reviews!)

You wear them extremely frequently and / or there are visible stains. If you wear your underwear extremely regularly, it might be time to either replace them or show them some extra cleaning care. While washing and disinfecting your underwear after each wear does remove most worrisome bacteria, there will likely be some still on the fabric (read at your own risk, but according to some stats the average pair of “clean” underwear has about one-tenth of a gram of poop in it). We’re happy to note though that in spite of this fact, researchers agree this bacteria isn’t a huge concern in terms of our physical health. 

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How can I make my underwear last longer? 

Like your bras, the main way to make your underwear last longer is in the way you care for it. 

Have a good rotation of underwear. Because your undies should get a good clean after each wear to prevent any additional bacteria build-up, it makes sense to have quite a few in your rotation. Each time you wash your lingerie, it reduces its lifespan a little, so having a generous rotation allows you to extend each pair’s lifetime. 

Taking proper care when washing your underwear. When you go to wash your panties, give them a little extra attention to maintain their longevity. We recommend separating light-colored panties from the dark ones and washing them in different loads to avoid color stains. Panties should be washed in cold to room temperature water, and hand-washed if possible to extend their life. If you do machine wash, turn the panties inside out and place them in a lingerie bag. To dry, lay them flat on a towel or tumble dry without heat to maintain their elasticity. More on taking care of your undies here

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What do I do with my underwear when it’s time to replace them?

Unfortunately, local thrift stores likely won’t take your old panties. However, there are other organizations that allow you to donate underwear, which is a much better alternative to simply throwing them in the trash (textile waste is a major problem, with most pieces taking up to 30 years to fully break down).

Check-out companies like Fab Scrap, and initiatives like Clothes The Loop to learn more about what you can do. We’re also working on our own way to offer a similar program in the future and will keep you posted if that comes to fruition! 

Other alternatives for old undies include using them as cleaning rags around the house (being conscious of where you use them), or composting them if they are made of 100% natural fabrics.  

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Ready to refresh your lingerie drawer? We’re here to make this process easier on your pocket and the planet.  

It can seem daunting to go through the process of replacing your lingerie annually, especially if you are concerned about the impact on your wallet or the planet. 

Here’s the good news though: these are some of the main reasons we created our lingerie brand the way we did! 

Seamless Lingerie is built on the idea that your lingerie should not only be incredibly comfortable, wireless, and cute, but it should ALSO be affordable and eco-friendly. 

Because everyone, (including the planet), deserves high-quality lingerie pieces. 

Learn more about our mission and eco-friendly initiatives here, including our biodegradable packaging, carbon neutral shipping, and give back commitments. 

Satisfied? We hope so! Shop your next set here

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